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Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor

Going home for a vegan Christmas

Adapting to family life at Christmas is becoming easier, with supermarkets adapting to growing amounts of vegetarians and vegans

Mapping Sheffield Street

Sheffield Street is another hub of rejuvenation in Manchester, with small businesses reclaiming old railway arches as spaces for brewing and baking

Review: The Great Kathmandu

An excellent curry, but the service leaves a lot to be desired

Review: Tibetan Kitchen, Chorlton

I have never been to Tibet, nor do I really know anything about Tibetan culture, aside from the quintessentials: Sherpas, the Dalai Lama, Free Tibet. Tibetan Kitchen in Chorlton is a small joint set-up by owners Sonny and Jane that opened its restaurant doors back in 2014, having spent nearly 8 years as a small […]

Review: The Eagle Inn, Salford

A bit out of a UoM student’s comfort zone but well worth the trip

Review: W. H. Lung supermarket and Tai Pan restaurant

An insight into a world beyond Sainsbury’s

Wednesday in Salford, 1971 in Glasgow

Under uncompromising lighting, surrounded by a strange odour of damp, aged carpets, the kindly chef brought out our plates with a smile

Al-Madina – The legend that stood firm

“Anticlimax can be a cruel mistress, if it can be called a mistress at all”

Live: Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting’s 1980s-indebted indie pop warms the band’s typically shy audience, writes Joe Taylor

The Refuge by Volta at the Palace Hotel

“The Glamour of Manchester”, “Do you wanna suit up?”, “Yes”

September has come, long live the Shawarma.

September has come and along with it, Joe Taylor’s need for the curry mile’s finest wrap