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Mercedes Antrobus

Mercedes Antrobus

Hungering for Change

Mercedes Antrobus considers whether it is the fault of the press that there’s a lot we don’t know about. As I have insinuated previously in the Mancunion, the press has a certain degree of control over global events. Over the last year we have all learnt, thanks to the News of the World scandal, that […]

America – who needs them?

When it comes to America, the entire world seems to suffer from an inferiority complex. What makes America better than any other nation? And why are we so convinced we need them to prosper? Perhaps it’s because America is the world’s largest economy? However, if we really take a deep look into the American economy, […]

Everything’s all right

We used to value tolerance, multiculturalism and international cooperation in Europe but it increasingly seems that over the last two decades we have witnessed the slow return of fascism and we are doing very little, if anything at all, to stop it. Currently, there is an undeniable predominance of centre-right governments within the EU, but […]