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Phoebe Chambre

Phoebe Chambre

Books editor talks to herself at Book Club

Name: Phoebe Chambre Age: 22 and a bit Occupation: Music Student and Mancunion Books editor What are you reading? I’m in the final third of a book called The Instructions by Adam Levin. I read his short story collection (Hot Pink) which came out earlier this year in a very nice textured hardback and was […]

Cat Langdon does Book Club

Name: Catherine Langdon Age: 22 Occupation: Social Anthropology Student What are you reading / have been reading these past summer months? (A brief description if you please…) The Behaviour of Moths – Poppy Adams – Not too sure what it’s about yet, moths and a father and daughter who are lepidopterist. Plus, Bosnia: A Short […]

Instant Art

We spent another evening in the company of our old friend, art. Cornerhouse decided that what it really needed to brighten this cold November was a Night of Art. We couldn’t agree more. Which surely can mean only one thing: a Sketch-O-Matic. I jumped to the conclusion that this would be a giant Etch-A-Sketch. I […]

Noel’s latest chapter

Fielding sticks it to the virtual and hits a home run for the tangible

Popping up near you

Just how long does a trend take to burn out? A fly-by look at the rise and rise of pop-ups, a trend which seems in no danger of fading away. Plus a Q&A with pop-up enthusiasts NOISE charity.

Enkhbold Togmidshiirev’s ‘gentle’ message

Enkhbold Togmidshiirev, Mongolian performance artist, spoke to us about his conception of place. But where is his place in the art world?

From past to a present – fabled Al Baker spun us a yarn. WEB EXCLUSIVE

Remember Hulme estate’s torrid to tepid past? Well if you don’t (or you do), read on. Because we couldn’t resist asking the resident lens-witness of those ebbs and flows a few questions on what he remembers from those years – Manchester’s loyal-est photographer Al Baker. October 2011 PC: Where and when did you live in […]

Asia Triennial Manchester 11

is here

Free for Arts – Piccadilly Place

Piccadilly Place was the gritty, concrete, spare home to Free for All (Part 1) and Child’s Play for one colourful week

Free for Arts Festival SPECIAL – The price of art

We went on a free art crawl. *Sponsored by Vitamin Water and Kopparberg

FFAF – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters pushed its clothes aside and made room for some Art

WOW. New photography competition

You’ll probably want to do this.

This is Your Manchester

Your personally-tailored introduction to the arts page this year

Gallery guide – Whitworth Art Gallery

Our introduction to the crucial galleries around and the pick of what’s on ahead.

Gallery guide – CORNERHOUSE

What’s on chez corner.

Gallery guide – CUBE

Centre for architecture and design. But don’t let that put you off.

Gallery guide – Manchester Art Gallery

The big one, also the old one.

Gallery guide – Islington Mill

So much to see, so much to say.

Graffiti Special – A short history of graffiti in Manchester

From the riot-provoked graffiti that recently graced walls near you, we traced the way back to the explosion of graffiti in Manchester in student-friendly Hulme in the late 80s.

Hulme is where the art is (Web Exclusive)

More from our GRAFFITI SPECIAL. Hulme’s currently pleasant and middle-class face masks a hidden past of cultural rejection and dissent – so much so that it became the underground Mecca of all things creative, including and especially graffiti.