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Pierre Flasse

Pierre Flasse

Fish Out Of Water: Radiohead Relay

Pierre Flasse journeys out of his depth through Radiohead’s past discography

Record Reappraisal: The Lounge Lizards – Voice Of Chunk

Journey into the realm of punk-influenced, no wave-inspired jazz of the Lounge Lizards.

NME’s court case

NME goes under trial for crimes against profanity

Campus Confidential: Five Days North

I sat down with student band Five Days North to discover the secret to being unsigned and still amassing over 1,000 likes on Facebook

Record Reappraisal: Indigo Jam Unit – Roots

Imagine the scene: It’s 2010, and Japanese nu jazz is finding its feet. Pierre Flasse remembers the moment Indigo Jam Unit kicked into top gear

Live: Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles

Cory Henry leaves our jazz specialist Pierre Flasse lost for words (almost)