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Scott McEwan

Scott McEwan

Greater Manchester Jobseeker’s claimant count rises again

Statistics indicate a rise in claims for Jobseeker’s Allowance in Greater Manchester despite a fall in unemployment

North West exports slump in second quarter

North West’s biggest export industries experience demand slump from key export partners

Manchester student starts up music video production company

“if they don’t want to employ me then I’ll go it alone and do what I want to do.”

Property Guardians: The emergence of a new model for renting accomodation

Low cost renting will become a greater concern once the cost of attending university increases next year; the likes of Ad Hoc offer considerable competition to Halls of Residence accommodation and university-operated rental services

Graduates sell their faces to pay off student debts

“after just under five months, they have raised over £27,000.”

Debate: Should the University Place exterior become an advertising space?

Oliver Taylor and Oliver Harman discuss whether Uni Place should be the start of Manchester’s version of Times Square, NY.

Christmas Market 2011 most popular ever

But is the Christmas Market a positive or negative force for local businesses?

Manchester design students launch charitable venture

“PiccoPrint represents an excellent example of students employing their skills learnt at university into business.”

Labour behind the label

Labour report grades High street brands on living wage policies

The Manchester Beanie

The story of the Manchester students who made a success of selling Manchester emblazoned headwear

Clubs depend on students for both work and play

‘The importance of particularly student-festive periods can not be underestimated for clubs which experience business cycles so closely linked to the student calendar.’

Banking reforms to hit future graduates

Commission’s suggestions may increase the cost of borrowing.

HMV admit to more trading troubles

Entertainment business is having a tough time trying to compete in a changing industry.