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Yasmin Mannan

Yasmin Mannan

In conversation with Qaisra Shahraz

Books Editor Yasmin Mannan talks to the author and University of Manchester alumnus Qaisra Shahraz about writing, injustice, feminism, radicalisation, Muslim-Jewish relations, freedom of speech, Prevent, and the struggle of identity

Review: Revolt

Books Editor Yasmin Mannan reviews Qaisra Shahraz’s third and most recent novel Revolt, which is a triumphant exploration of everything that is it to be human

Student Action for Refugees

Yasmin Mannan gives an insight into the ways you can stand up for and help refugees and asylum seekers in Manchester and beyond

Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird author, dies aged 89

The author of the best-selling 20th Century novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee, has died in Alabama, aged 89

Upcoming: An evening with Gloria Steinem

Manchester Literature Festival will be hosting an evening with the feminist author Gloria Steinmen

The Alexandria Library – Curry Mile’s new bookshop

Books Editor Yasmin Mannan interviews the owners of the Alexandria Library, a new literary addition to Curry Mile

GCSE results reflect a north-south divide

This summer’s GCSE results draw attention to worryingly stark regional educational inequality in Britain

Manchester Creative Writing Society 2015

Find out what’s new with the Manchester Creative Writing Society and how you can get involved

Stockport refugee project overwhelmed with volunteers

The local impact of the refugee crisis is uncertain when you consider this student-led volunteering project

Painfully life-affirming poetry

Book Editor Yasmin Mannan selects four breathtaking pieces of poetry, and each sharpens, yet blunts the edge, of what it is to be alive

Don’t let ‘anti-radicalisation’ measures stifle intellectual liberty

Books Editor Yasmin Mannan argues that attempts to fight radicalisation are a serious and dangerous threat to our academic liberties

Top 5: Banned Books

A taste of those beloved books that were just too edgy for the censors

Editor’s picks: Upcoming writing competitions

A quick glance at upcoming writing competitions, including cash prizes for the financially-challenged student

Warsan Shire: provoking empathy

Book Editor Yasmin Mannan investigates how the Young London Poet Laureate, Warsan Shire, has been exposing the suffering of refugees through the written word for years