Name: Catherine Langdon Age: 22 Occupation: Social Anthropology Student What are you reading / have been reading these past summer months? (A brief description if you please…) The Behaviour of Moths – Poppy Adams – Not too sure what it’s about yet, moths and a father and daughter who are lepidopterist. Plus, Bosnia: A Short […]

Name: Phoebe Chambre Age: 22 and a bit Occupation: Music Student and Mancunion Books editor What are you reading? I’m in the final third of a book called The Instructions by Adam Levin. I read his short story collection (Hot Pink) which came out earlier this year in a very nice textured hardback and was […]

Name: Steve Jones (ex-editor of The Mancunion’s Literature and Film Section) Age: 21 Occupation: pre-MA parent moocher Steve Jones, question-asker of Book Club supreme, what are you currently reading (present question notwithstanding)? I am re-reading an accessible English prose version of Virgil’s Aeneid. Where have you been reading it (train, bus, beach, bath, internet, juice […]

For months Book Club has been confined to the dusty corner of the Literature section, begging for proper attention and desperate to host more uninformative, moronic questions. Well, Book Club, today is your day: watch yourself sprawl mightily across the page in a lavish and carefree manner! Watch as I ask several students several questions […]

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