Photo: Young Identity

After sitting down with Toreh O’Garro and Roma Havers, two members of the Young Identity creative group, it became apparent how busy, how active, and how present the collective is in and around Manchester.  With showcases running throughout the year and performances commissioned and hosted regularly, the young creatives seem to always be immersed in […]

'Room in New York' (1932) by Edward Hopper

Julia De Miguel re-examines the treatment of female writers and characters after her Spanish Literature course sidelined women poets on their syllabus.

Photo: Pablo Neruda (1966) @ Wikimedia Commons

In Chile, students, writers, and feminist campaigners have protested a decision to rename the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport to the Pablo Neruda International airport. They argue that Neruda, the renowned love poet, doesn’t deserve this celebration as he openly admitted to raping a maid in his 1977 memoir. He wrote that: “One morning, I […]

Photo: Polyphony

Students in The University of Manchester’s English Literature, American Studies and Creative Writing department have created a new academic journal, called Polyphony. Founded by third-year-student Hana Jafar with the aim to spread “creative, innovative, and high quality writing” by other undergraduate students, Polyphony will “provide […] readers with an accessible resource to enrich their experience […]

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