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Name: Steve Jones (ex-editor of The Mancunion’s Literature and Film Section) Age: 21 Occupation: pre-MA parent moocher Steve Jones, question-asker of Book Club supreme, what are you currently reading (present question notwithstanding)? I am re-reading an accessible English prose version of Virgil’s Aeneid. Where have you been reading it (train, bus, beach, bath, internet, juice […]

Cat Langdon does Book Club

Name: Catherine Langdon Age: 22 Occupation: Social Anthropology Student What are you reading / have been reading these past summer months? (A brief description if you please…) The Behaviour of Moths – Poppy Adams – Not too sure what it’s about yet, moths and a father and daughter who are lepidopterist. Plus, Bosnia: A Short […]

Name: Phoebe Chambre Age: 22 and a bit Occupation: Music Student and Mancunion Books editor What are you reading? I’m in the final third of a book called The Instructions by Adam Levin. I read his short story collection (Hot Pink) which came out earlier this year in a very nice textured hardback and was […]