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21st November 2012

Top 4 + 1 books in the field of war

Aidan Gregory charts his top war literature picks
21st November 2012

Exercise for your right to read. For fun

Lisa Quirke reminds us that reading is not just a means to a numerically valuated end
14th November 2012

Anime for beginners

The Comic Collective provides some anime classics, in the form of both film and book, to usher in new fans
14th November 2012

Technology gained

As the worlds of dusty books and shiny screens collide, is the future of fiction lost? Twitter suggests not.
14th November 2012

University Creative Writing professor profile: Jeanette Winterson

The Creative Writing Professor is proving a major draw for the University and its Centre for New Writing
7th November 2012

Book Club: Francesca Freeman, 22, archaeology student

A ‘live’ conversation with Book Club turns from fantasy to the very real threat technology poses to reading
7th November 2012

Bond vs Smiley

In the wake of Skyfall’s release, Joelle Jefferis pits two British literary espionage incarnations against one another
30th October 2012

Escape in a children’s story

Remember how fun reading was when you were a kid? Joelle Jefferis advocates reigniting the adventure
30th October 2012

“We got him”: celebrating death isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it is for the American

The politically timed re-release of We Got Him!: A Memoir of the Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein rankles
29th October 2012

Portrait of an author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby may be coming to the big screen (again), but the real magic still lies between the pages

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17th October 2012

Peruvian author charms Manchester

The Peruvian author, Fernando Iwasaki Cauti, graced Manchester during the Literature Festival, to discuss technology, humour, y amor
16th October 2012

“A good story is a good story!” – Why adapting a book can be for the best

Bringing Literature to Life explored the issues inherent in adapting literature for stage and screen
15th October 2012

Top Five: Scary Classics to prepare you for Hallowe’en

5 seasonal classics that guarantee goosebumps
10th October 2012

Portrait of an author: Nikolai Gogol

The beginner’s guide to Nikolai Gogol, author of Dead Souls and The Overcoat
9th October 2012

Review: Room, by Emma Donoghue

Phillipa Moran looks at the novel Room in its contemporary, and not at all fictional, context
9th October 2012

Call for Contributors

Want to write for Books?
2nd October 2012

“Soon writers will be the only artists left”: Panic in the face of technology?

Proving that the pen is mightier than the sword (but not necessarily the laptop), Phillipa Moran takes on the battle between technology and art
2nd October 2012

Manchester Literature Festival begins 8th October

From 8th to 23rd October, Manchester Literature Festival takes the city as its field and the lecture theatre as its main stage. Replacing your Sziget withdrawal with something more nourishing. No tents required
27th September 2012

Do we really need another hobby awareness week?

International Book Week crept past last week. Anyone notice?
24th September 2012

Book Club: Ata Rahman

This week Ata Rahman, history student and co-editor of the Manchester Historian answers to Book Club

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