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24th September 2012

Review: Frontline by David Loyn

Frontline chronicles the life of freelance television photo agency of the same name.
23rd September 2012

Top 5… Book Lists

We recommend recommendation websites to you
18th September 2012

The real thing

A look at Austin English’s avant-garde comics
12th September 2012

Cat Langdon does Book Club

Name: Catherine Langdon Age: 22 Occupation: Social Anthropology Student What are you reading / have been reading these past summer months? (A brief description if you please…) The Behaviour of Moths – Poppy Adams – Not too sure what it’s about yet, moths and a father and daughter who are lepidopterist. Plus, Bosnia: A Short […]
12th September 2012

Book Club catch-up, Steve Jones returns

Name: Steve Jones (ex-editor of The Mancunion’s Literature and Film Section) Age: 21 Occupation: pre-MA parent moocher Steve Jones, question-asker of Book Club supreme, what are you currently reading (present question notwithstanding)? I am re-reading an accessible English prose version of Virgil’s Aeneid. Where have you been reading it (train, bus, beach, bath, internet, juice […]
12th September 2012

Books editor talks to herself at Book Club

Name: Phoebe Chambre Age: 22 and a bit Occupation: Music Student and Mancunion Books editor What are you reading? I’m in the final third of a book called The Instructions by Adam Levin. I read his short story collection (Hot Pink) which came out earlier this year in a very nice textured hardback and was […]
2nd May 2012

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Mark this well in your mind.
24th April 2012

Missed it? The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

Prize winners of yesteryear.
24th April 2012

The Five Greatest Booze-Soaked Novels

Vare, vare drunk.

Get involved with Books

16th April 2012

Creepy Children’s Books

The kids aren’t alright
12th March 2012

Snoopers’ Paradise

A guide to the underrated bookshops of Manchester by Georgia Haire, Katharine Seymour and Hazel Shepherd
5th March 2012

Can Rowling break the mould?

Patrick Cowling muses on JK Rowling and her new non-wizarding novel.
5th March 2012

A day in the life of… Virginia Woolf

Rachel Longworth spends 24 hours as the Bloomsbury behemoth, but stops short of hurling herself into a lake.
27th February 2012

Review: Northwest Corner – John Burnham Schwartz. 4 stars.

Twelve years after a tragic accident that lead to prison time and estrangement from his family, Dwight Arno receives a visit from his son Sam. Deeply unhappy and misanthropic (due in no small part to his father’s crime and disappearance) Sam has grievously injured a man in a bar fight and his future hangs in […]
27th February 2012

Book Blogs

Does tumblr have anything to offer the literary scene?
20th February 2012


For months Book Club has been confined to the dusty corner of the Literature section, begging for proper attention and desperate to host more uninformative, moronic questions. Well, Book Club, today is your day: watch yourself sprawl mightily across the page in a lavish and carefree manner! Watch as I ask several students several questions […]
13th February 2012

Review: Murder Most Foul: Hamlet Through the Ages – David Bevington

Bevington’s latest book seeks to trace the history of Shakespeare’s Hamlet from its roots in Scandinavian epic lore, right the way up to present day postmodernist readings. The book uses a chronological structure to approach this mine of information, splitting the centuries into 7 chapters of around 30 pages each (so if, say, you’ve got […]
13th February 2012

Review: The Doll Princess – Tom Benn. 3.5 stars

The blurb of The Doll Princess proclaims author Tom Benn as ‘an assured and exhilarating new voice in literary crime fiction’. However, classifying this novel as ‘literary’ works massively to its detriment and sets any prospective readers off on the wrong foot. Take its protagonist, Henry Bane, whose hard-bitten narration calls to mind a Mancunion […]
13th February 2012

Review: The Elizabethans by A.N.Wilson. 4 stars

After great success with The Victorians, Wilson attempts to capture the spirit of the Elizabethan era in this single-volume work, aptly titled The Elizabethans. As a History student, I have come to be extremely wary of condensed historical narratives but Wilson’s new survey of the period proved to be an interesting and entertaining read. Wilson […]

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