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16th February 2015

Students go to Brussels to fight against TTIP

TTIP has been described as one of the most controversial legislations that the European Commission has tried to bring about, yet it is not as well known as would be expected. Roberta Rofman talks to Natasha Brooks about her thoughts on TTIP, her campaign in Brussels and US politics
1st February 2015

On the inside of organ donation

There are some things that you just don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about. You know that they’re issues and you know that people have to face them, but you never imagine that you will be one of those people. Eilis Hall shares her experience in working around organ donation.
30th January 2015

Starchaser Industries – the sky is not the limit!

Steve Bennett, the CEO of Starchaser Industries, gave an interesting talk on how his company plan to be at the forefront of UK space tourism
19th January 2015

Interview: Daliso Chaponda

Editor-in-chief Aidan Gregory talks to Malawian comedian Daliso Chaponda about racism, colonialism, and being politically correct
13th December 2014

My time in a psychiatric hospital

Eilís Hall describes her time in a psychiatric hospital due to an eating disorder and how it impacted her life.
3rd December 2014

Eco Machines: Designing the cars of the future

Science & Technology Editor Andy van den Bent-Kelly attended an interesting debate at the Sackville Street Building in which four experts discussed the challenges facing the world of motoring and what solutions the industries are suggesting
19th November 2014

How beneficial can study drugs be to your education?

Increased attention has been given to discussion about study drugs and the debate on whether or not to do study drugs is yet to be put to rest. So, can they be beneficial to your university degree?
14th November 2014

Interview: Sir Gerald Kaufman MP

Stalwart of the House of Commons Sir Gerald Kaufman MP has sat in the House since 1970 as MP for Ardwick and later for Gorton. Charlie Spargo met with him to discuss Palestine, education and Tony Benn
13th November 2014

Sympathising with domestic violence victims who attack their abusers

Wellbeing Week has brought to light domestic abuse and how we should approach it. Abbie Piazza explores cases where domestic violence victims attack their abusers and their impact.
12th November 2014


Morris Seifert and Nicole Tamer were blown away by the variety of stimulating talks at the recent TEDxSalford, with presentations from the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner and a man known as ‘Mister Toilet’

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12th November 2014

“The Future is Fracking. Discuss” – Manchester Science Festival 2014

Andy van den Bent-Kelly headed over to the Museum of Science and Industry to attend a lively debate about fracking as part of this year’s Science Festival
7th November 2014

What Black History Month Means to Me

At the university, it’s Black History Month every October. A few students were asked what Black History Month meant to them
3rd November 2014

Interview: Andy Zaltzman

The Satirist for Hire took a break from his nationwide tour to talk to The Mancunion’s Liam Kelly
26th October 2014

Poverty as bleak as our threatened literary outlook.

Joe Evans discusses poverty and other essentials for the modern writer
26th October 2014

Female Student Defence at the university

Self defence is an important skill to have, particularly at university. The University of Manchester has recognised such a necessity and has actively sought to improve self defence among students
21st October 2014

University of Manchester Rumours

The University of Manchester has held a lot of rumours, some that needed to be repeatedly busted or proved due to first years entering ever year. We took a look at three of the biggest
21st October 2014

Things you didn’t know about Fallowfield

Fallowfield, the student of of Manchester has been met with many stories over the years, but some that have never seen the light of day yet.
21st October 2014

Changing the Way Feminism Is Defined

Feminism is a word that has been dragged through the mud, giving it a meaning that a lot of people would prefer not to be associated with. So is it time to redefine what it stands for?
14th October 2014

Interview: Professor Fred Loebinger

Andy van den Bent-Kelly sat down with the Professor of Particle Physics to discuss CERN, Manchester and all things atomic
25th September 2014

Interview: Professor Phil Manning

Andy van den Bent-Kelly sat down with the Professor of Natural History to discuss all things prehistoric