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23rd September 2014

Politics and Students of Today

Student life has changed drastically over the years—does this reflect students’ interest in politics?
15th September 2014

Check the Exec: Policies and Promises

Haider Saleem takes a look at what the Exec have planned for the Union during their year in office.
16th July 2014

Interview: Jim Jefferies

Aussie comic Jim Jefferies talks about settling down, his TV show getting cancelled and getting punched at the Comedy Store
10th April 2014

Inside Nightline

Volunteers for Manchester’s student-run listening service tell The Mancunion why they joined
10th April 2014

Interview: BBC reporter Jon Sopel

Haider Saleem catches up with BBC World Service journalist Jon Sopel on the difficulties of covering war zones
2nd March 2014

Pirate Party UK Leader Loz Kaye

Pirate Party Leader Loz Kaye speaks to Features Editor Sam Dumitriu about surveillance, filters and how the internet can transform politics
21st February 2014

Cyclists face danger on Oxford Road corridor

Ben Flanagan looks at the risks student cyclists face and asks who is to blame for so many accidents – cyclists or motorists?
20th February 2014

TEDx Preview

Haider Saleem previews TedxUniversityOfManchester
19th February 2014

Have the Exec kept their promises?

One semester in – we check if the Exec have kept their promises
19th February 2014

The story behind the buildings

We pass buildings like Kilburn, Roscoe and Whitworth everyday, but who were the people behind the names?

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3rd February 2014

Cannabis: The other side

Tim Harcourt-Powell tells the story of a student struggling with a major cannabis problem
3rd February 2014

Glasgow students nominated Snowden – who should Manchester pick?

As Glasgow Students nominate Edward Snowden, Sam Dumitriu looks at the history of the position of university rector across the UK
5th December 2013

Overseas students speak out against UKBA monitoring

The I’m Not Welcome campaign speak out against government monitoring practices for making overseas students feel unwelcome
5th December 2013

Why students join cults

Cult expert Ian Haworth explains why many students join cults
25th November 2013

Interview: Vicky Pryce

Ex-con economist Vicky Pryce tells Sam Dumitriu about her time behind bars and why prison doesn’t work
25th November 2013

Interview: David Rieff

American author, polemicist and war reporter David Rieff tells Sam Dumitriu why he is a humanitarian fundamentalist
18th November 2013

Interview: Lord Adonis

Labour Peer Lord Adonis tells The Mancunion about a new graduate scheme to recruit high achieving students into social work
18th November 2013

Church for Atheists

Tim Harcourt-Powell attends the first meeting of Manchester’s Atheist Church The Sunday Assembly
10th November 2013

Interview: Bo Burnham

Twenty-three-year-old comedian Bo Burnham speaks to The Mancunion about Vine, fame and why he’s releasing his latest show for free
10th November 2013

Interview: Steve Hughes

Heavy metal comedian Steve Hughes speaks to The Mancunion about political correctness, health and safety, and the meaning of life