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University of Manchester announce full divestment from fossil fuels

//Breaking: University of Manchester announce full divestment from fossil fuels More

With winter fast approaching, a pounding headache, and the first chesty coughs ringing in lecture halls; what better way to warm up than with this wholesome and affordable one pot wonder.   You will need:   A healthy slug of vegetable oil (olive oil will do) 600g pork shoulder, cut into serving pieces (Sainsbury’s basics […]

Cheese is not just a student staple but a human right, an ingredient that can turn the most boring meal into something delicious (if decidedly less healthy). But I often find myself overwhelmed by the huge range of choice available at most supermarkets – do any of them really taste that different? To find out, […]

After two days without overhead lights due to tripping them and being rather perplexed by the old fashioned fuse box (note to landlords: please stop lumping students with crappy goods), I finally figured out how to get everything back on, and lo, let there be light!  To celebrate being able to cook by more than […]

Nestled in the middle of Deansgate lies Topkapi Palace, a small Turkish restaurant. Having never been to a Turkish restaurant before I stepped inside not knowing quite what to expect… I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was relaxed despite the 80’s power ballad background music which I found myself occasionally joining in with but this […]

It was in the words of one distinguished guest, a long expected party; the 140 pink cloakroom tickets had sold out quicker than Facebook shares on May 18th 2012. Described as “the greatest social happening since the fall of the Berlin Wall” the Cheese & Wine society’s inaugural evening lived up to expectations as all […]


Falafel are incredibly cheap and easy to make, so I definitely recommend giving this recipe a go. Ideally you need a stick blender – one of those hand-held food processors used to make soups, but you could probably manage with a potato masher and some good old fashioned elbow grease! 1 tin chickpeas, drained 1 […]

Dave Marsland, better known as The Drinks Enthusiast, is a great bloke. Warm, engaging and funny, he keeps the room laughing and heckling throughout the evening at Lock 91. He describes himself as a “Taster & Guide to the World of Drinks”, and for £15 you can spend the evening trying out four different spirits, […]

I am Pho Review

Pho is a beautiful thing. The coming together of broth, noodles and thinly cut beef, in my humble opinion, represents a trinity of perfection and comfort. That is, of course, if it is done well. I have been visiting ‘I am Pho’ for some time now. The restaurant opened in China Town last year in […]

Faye Waterhouse and Ben Walker go head to head in a no-holds barred battle to decided whether the Great British Bake Off has the perfect consistency and a satisfying flavour, or languishes at the soggy bottom of food TV.

Photo: Dai O'Nysius @ Wikimedia Commons

Food shopping on the curry mile can feel a bit like you’ve been transported back to your gap year; rows of mysterious fruits and vegetables stacked up on the street, a bollywood soundtrack and questionable food-hygiene standards, or at least it does until the famous Manchester drizzle starts to dampen the dragon fruit. It’s easy […]

This is a sensationally stylish dessert that you can serve either elegantly or as ‘Mess’. Joanne Procter retells her recipes for a dish for both the discerning diner and student cook.   Ingredients 100g popping corn 1 tbsp olive oil 100g white chocolate 300g strawberries, chopped 30ml white rum 1 tbsp caster sugar 75g pecan […]

The dirty burger revolution has taken control of restaurants and menus everywhere. The way things are going, reputations will be made or broken on the quality of their chuck beef and brioche buns.

Photo: Maddy Hubbard Manchester is a great city for the deep-fat fried chickpea, with a multitude of options from the Northern Quarter to Curry Mile and even out in the ‘burbs. However, not all falafel were created equal, so here’s a handy guide to help you traverse the terrain: Kukoos Price: £3.50 The most recent […]