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19th November 2011

Basics Bible

James Watts weighs the ups and downs of Sainsbury’s Basics
23rd October 2011

Get into the Greek

Three easy ways to transform your cooking
23rd October 2011

I’ve been to Heston’s

Five short hours of bliss
11th October 2011

Southern Eleven

Barbecue no longer has to mean blackened burgers, scorched sausages and your dad’s God complex coming to the fore over a bag of charcoal from the supermarket.
26th September 2011


After scoffing our way through three courses at Giraffe in Spinningfield’s, my accomplice and I knew that we had experienced something far better than Nando’s
26th September 2011

Turn one meal into three

Follow this recipe for bolognese, chilli con carne and enchiladas – all from the same basic sauce
26th September 2011

How to cook good naked

Follow these two recipes from a daring group of vegans who like to cook whilst tackling the issue of body image
16th September 2011

Five favourite watering holes

Five bars in which to spend a jolly evening
17th April 2011

White chocolate and raspberry cake

This cake is really simple to make and goes down a treat
16th April 2011

Sustainable Mackerel Salad

As people become increasingly concerned about the stocks of wild fish like cod, tuna and salmon it’s good to give them a break and switch to a more abundant fish like mackerel. Try and make sure the mackerel is MSC approved as it guarantees that it is fished using sustainable methods.

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14th March 2011

Hungry hungry hippo/Almond, orange and chocolate cake

If you like you can add the hippos, lime and orange zest at this point so it looks like a scene straight from the African plains. Also those hippos are really tasty.
14th March 2011

The Lass O’Gowrie

I like my pubs filled with interesting things to stare at for when the conversation drivels out, the Lass O’Gowrie delivers on that front; the entire pub is filled with all kinds of strange memorabilia, with giant portraits of Lando Calrissian and models of Sir Kill-a-lot
14th March 2011

All American cupcakes

Smother onto cupcakes and top with something suitably American like tiny chocolate stars or tiny pieces of Reese’s peanut butter confectionery.
14th March 2011

Godzilla Cake

When one has the opportunity to create ever cake that one desires, there is only one logical decision that one could possibly choose to take – to create a Godzilla.
8th March 2011


Pancakes: great with sugar, excellent with jam, and supreme with golden syrup. But this year why not try something different, or simply use up extras, by making savoury pancakes.