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A delicious assortment of beverages

Aren’t you just the gruff yet refined classic figure of a man, mulling over your whisky, having it straight because you can handle it. Who do you think you are?

Interview: “If Kyuss went on any longer, I would have probably imploded” Words by Tom Geddes Having been part of, one of the most influential bands of the ‘90s, Kyuss, singing in scores of other bands and being involved in veterinary diagnostics, you could think John Garcia had accomplished all his goals. But as he […]

Album Review Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 From Africa with Fury: Rise Because Music 4 Stars Nick Renaud-Komiya Having a famous father and living in their shadow is never easy. Just ask Jakob Dylan or Damian Marley. This brings us onto Seun, the son of Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer and famed political activist Fela Kuti. To […]

Column: The Darkness

Title: One Way Ticket To Hell (And Unfortunately Back). PQ: I caught the eye of Justin Hawkins and shook my head. Tom Geddes, Music Editor On Tuesday 15th March, after years of speculation, pleading to the contrary and several sightings of a horseman of the apocalypse, the gates of hell opened and out from the […]


Kebab Alternatives

I once found myself in a most peculiar state. I had been out for the night and having quite aptly quenched my thirst, I had the usual burning desire for the embrace of my true love – the doner kebab. However, my fairytale ending was not to be as I was all out of cash and thus an unworthy pauper in the eyes of my betrothed. Now what? I could not simply go to bed unsatisfied. So I toddled back to my home and entered my kitchen searching for a remedy.