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8th November 2011

Debate 3: The case for cutting legal aid

The government plans to slash the legal aid budget by £350m, yet legal aid will remain in almost all criminal cases or cases that involve areas which are protected by law such as domestic violence, forced marriage or child abduction. The current budget for legal aid in the United Kingdom stands at £2bn, which is […]
8th November 2011

Debate 3: Cuts to legal aid will seriously damage the justice system

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke’s proposals for legal aid reform may sound fairly reasonable when written down; it is hard to argue that “unnecessary litigation” could ever be a good thing (Ministerial Foreword: Proposals for the Reform of Legal Aid in England and Wales). However, what he deems to be “unnecessary cases”, which the public should […]
30th October 2011

“Every Libyan should be rich” – how Gaddafi squandered oil trillions

Fahim Sachedina explains how the late Colonel Gaddafi wasted Libya’s oil riches – but looks forward to a brighter future for a neglected people
30th October 2011

Stage set as France prepares to cast judgement on Sarkozy

Thomas Turner takes a look at the race to win the French presidency with less than six months until polling day
27th October 2011

Debate 2: Ban non-therapeutic infant male circumcision

In Britain it is accepted wisdom that female circumcision on minors (now widely referred to as female genital mutilation) is in effect child abuse. How else could you describe carrying out an unnecessary, risky, painful surgery to remove parts of a child’s genitalia? But why do our infant males’ genitals not receive the same protection […]
26th October 2011

Debate 2: Defending circumcision

Circumcision is a practice which has been debated for thousands of years, but to forcibly prevent it from happening would be wrong.
24th October 2011

Squatters are not criminals

Maya Oppenheim rejects government proposals to criminalise squatting in the context of a housing crisis in an era of rampant unemployment
24th October 2011

Occupy Everything

In the wake of the much-publicised Roscoe occupation, Jak Dyehouse assesses the rationale behind the seemingly unstoppable spread of occupations to cities across the world
20th October 2011

Waiting to cross

Zeina Ramadan shares her experiences of growing up in Nablus, Palestine
17th October 2011

Who’s hot, who’s not: the winners and losers of party conference season

Some soared, others flopped as the three major parties gathered for their annual conferences

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17th October 2011

The spoilt brats of society

Doing our bit to annoy everyone else
17th October 2011

Party conference season – a political charade

Andrew Williams heads our review of this year’s party conference season – and he is crying out for an end to this “outdated and obsolete charade”
17th October 2011

Turning up the heat: tensions rise during Chilean winter

Oliver Johnstone explores parallels between student protests in Chile and here in the UK
15th October 2011

Debate 1: Palestine reaches for statehood, but is it ready?

On 23 September Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and head of the Palestinian Authority, officially submitted a bid to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for Palestine to be recognised as a state and granted full membership of the United Nations. This bid has precisely a zero per cent chance of succeeding. […]
15th October 2011

Debate 1: The time for false mediation is over

“With our souls, with our blood, we will defend Palestine,” cry those for whom Western rhetoric has become a rare beacon of hope in the ongoing battle for Palestinian statehood. Tired of the empty rhetoric of Barack Obama and others, and determined to bring an end to this most enduring of conflicts, President of the […]
13th October 2011

Manchester is my heaven

Ben Moore in defence of the University, and city, of Manchester
10th October 2011

Better off Ed? In defence of Ed Miliband

Calls for an economic alternative have grown over the past 12 months, and following his keynote party conference speech ‘Red Ed’ is looking more far-sighted than far-left, writes Rob Fuller
10th October 2011

Rudderless EU is stifled by bureaucracy

The financial crisis currently afflicting the Eurozone economies is being exacerbated by a bureaucratic European Union that is degenerating into a rudderless ship, argues Kevin Bennett
10th October 2011

Guess who’s back? Back again – Putin’s back!

Vladimir Putin’s latest statement of intent doesn’t only have implications for President Medvedev – it will have a great impact on Russian democracy and the wider international community
10th October 2011

Sadiq Khan event gives Labour faithful reason to be cheerful

Thomas Turner, James Broadway and Louis Raffin consider the future of Labour in light of their recent conference and a worrying lack of confidence in the party leader

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