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UoM quietly report £40m surplus amid staff strike over pay

//Breaking: UoM quietly report £40m surplus amid staff strike over pay More

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Live: Wild Beasts

Both band and venue remain amongst the live circuit’s best-kept secrets. On tonight’s evidence though, they surely won’t be secrets for much longer.

Recently I have begun, or rather, attempted to begin, research for my dissertation (I won’t bore you with the title) only to discover that it is a task worthy of Sisyphus. But surely, you say, it can’t be that bad – it’s just a lot of reading and note taking. And you would be correct, […]

We used to value tolerance, multiculturalism and international cooperation in Europe but it increasingly seems that over the last two decades we have witnessed the slow return of fascism and we are doing very little, if anything at all, to stop it. Currently, there is an undeniable predominance of centre-right governments within the EU, but […]

I have a friend who might mind very much about my relaying a story. Jeff (as he is not called) had an exceedingly short-term relationship with what one could term a ‘crazy person’, and crazy person had her eyes fixed on an open relationship. ‘It’s the future’ she might have said, ‘marriage is finished, who […]

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Mental Health

Mental health is a sticky topic; one that too easily falls by the wayside in life. We’d like to think that it’s just a minority who experience problems with their mental health – these people, we hope, can be packaged away and dismissed from the mainstream. It’s not that people are insensitive, but our reliance […]

Instant Art

We spent another evening in the company of our old friend, art. Cornerhouse decided that what it really needed to brighten this cold November was a Night of Art. We couldn’t agree more. Which surely can mean only one thing: a Sketch-O-Matic. I jumped to the conclusion that this would be a giant Etch-A-Sketch. I […]

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