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Under That Cloud

For an exhibition born out of long waits in departure lounges, Under That Cloud is refreshingly packed with diverse ideas and a spectrum of emotional reactions. The jewellery featured in the collection is the work of 18 international artists who were stranded together in Mexico City, under the dark cloud of volcanic ash that closed […]

Lost is Found

The exhibition does as it says on the tin, transforming the ephemeral and the previously discarded objects found in everyday life into profound feature sculptures illuminating through the objects themselves and what each artist has created. The exhibit presents the work of nine artists, based in the North of England, and is comprised of sculptures, […]

It’s a Vegan Revolution

Two of University of Manchester‘s ex-students and ex-Fuse FM presenters, Dom Moss and Christopher Redman, have popped their love of punk and hardcore, and their vegan lifestyles into one nice bundle to share with the population of our fine city of Manchester in the form of their vegan record shop, V-Revolution on Oldham Street. Having […]

Facebook, the next bubble?

Last week saw the stock market debut of Facebook, whose initial public offering (IPO) has been surrounded by much hype. Investors purchasing Facebook’s shares will be seeking big returns for what are expected to be fairly long term investments, as is evident with Facebook’s earliest investors such as Accel Partners (who, having invested $12.7m in […]

Oliver! The Palace Theatre

Oliver! is a breath-taking feat in choreography and set design making the already spectacular score by Lionel Bart all the more powerful. The chillingly creepy element that is vivid in Charles Dickens’ depiction of Victorian life but can struggle to come across in productions of the classic tale, is portrayed successfully through the simple use […]

Contour States

British artist Samantha Donnelly presents her exhibition of representations of the human form in media. The strong shapes and colours manipulated out of everyday objects: buttons, lace, acrylic nails and false eyelashes add another dimension to the sculptures portraying the objectification of women in the mass produced sexualised and generic forms of mannequins. So the […]

No Homo…phobia

Even if it was justified by religion, and you are a practising religious person, so what? Slavery is justified by the Bible

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