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The survey reveals more university students turning to sex work to afford increasing living costs
Alex Cross speaks about the importance of continuing conversations about diversity and inclusion
UoM scored 63.75/100 in the sexual health survey, but 91% of students felt “more could be done to promote good sexual health”
A survey of 5,649 UK university students has found that 53% of respondents experienced unwanted sexual behaviour from another student
Georgia Hickey talks to Laina Cores about the upcoming Sex Week, aimed at educating and empowering people about their sexuality.
Women who went to university earn 28% more than the average female non-graduate
Maurits Bekkers argues that the logic behind teaching the supposedly differently wired brains of boys and girls in single-sex schools ignores that there is more to gain from school than academic achievement
Becky Mcnutt argues that the success of movements like #MeToo and #WhyIDidntReport in challenging cultures of sexual assault on women need to start incorporating male victims of rape and abuse.
Urussa Malik reviews Desiree Akhavan’s third project, The Miseducation of Cameron Post
“Let’s talk about sex, baby” is the plan for Sex Week Officers, Letita Buda and Sarah Ann Walber
NUS are to give students the chance to share experiences in the first ever survey of sexual misconduct from higher education staff
Street-harassment should be treated just like any other criminal activity
Let’s talk about sex. Here’s the line-up for this year’s annual Sex Week
A report conducted in response to the growing reports of sexual harassment perpetrated by university staff was released today
Head teachers in West Sussex forced to consider drastic action to battle lack of allocated funding
Recent studies have found that only 22% of professors are female. Does this mean that universities are inherently sexist?
Confidentiality clauses have according to campaigners stifled the scale of the sexual harassment issue at UK universities, leaving many afraid to speak out
The conference aimed to encourage schools and colleges to be better informed and more sensitive when dealing with future cases of transgender students
Outrage as union club night, hosted by DJ Lee Watson, “exploited and degraded” women during a game to win a free ticket to sports tour
Michael Segalov, one of five protesters harshly disciplined after a 2013 demonstration, will have his legal fees and £20,000 in damages paid by his former university