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Manchester Student Union’s Women’s Officer Tabz O’Brien-Butcher tells us why we should reclaim the night
“We don’t teach people who live in areas with high instances of gun crime to dodge bullets” Rachel Cranshaw discusses why carrying an attack alarm is always a choice.
Ahead of the Reclaim the Night march on 29 November, we sat down with the Aisha Akram Students’ Union’s Wellbeing and Liberation officer, to talk about the event, its meaning, and her wider goals for the values of Reclaim
After prioritising musical theatre for the past few years, Beverley Knight has returned to music to cement her legacy as the Queen of British Soul
90s Baby POP returned to Manchester Arena for its annual celebration of nineties and noughties bangers – and it was naughtier and spookier than ever
See the world through a new lens as Johan Eklöf’s ‘The Darkness Manifesto’ poetically exposes the dark undertones of nature, politics and pollution for better or for worse.
Buying your first sex toy and reclaiming your right to sexual pleasure can be daunting, but we’re here to guide you through it!
After last years surprise defeat, Manchester headed to Liverpool to reclaim the Christie Cup prize.
Councillor Bev Craig joins us for an interview after delivering a speech at Reclaim the Night, where she talks about the changes that the council is attempting to make.
We sat down with Sacha Lord to discuss this year’s Reclaim the Night campaign, his thoughts on the loss in momentum of the anti-spiking movement, and the effect the cost of living crisis will have on students
With Reclaim the Night in mind, the Lifestyle section has decided to unpack how the language we use to address ourselves and others has the power to change our outlook from self-doubt to self-confidence
As Reclaim the Night comes into students’ focus, The Mancunion investigates the limited consent education offered to students and the current improvements being made
An interview with Manchester Rape Crisis’ Chief Executive Officer, one of the partner charities for this year’s Reclaim the Night campaign
As part of The Mancunion’s Reclaim the Night coverage, we take a look at Giuseppe Tornatore’s Malena through the lense of female solidarity
This Girl Can Run is taking place on March 16th to celebrate Manchester’s Reclaim the Night.
A number of important policies, including Reclaim the Night reform, were unable to be discussed as Senate once again failed to reach its attendance threshold
In a year wrought with controversy surrounding Reclaim The Night, Sara Heddi has delivered a large bill but improved outcomes for the womens’ safety march
A number of key proposals such as Reclaim The Night reform among others could not be voted on and will now be considered in September
The Reclaim the Night march and Wilsmlow Road’s new cycle lanes expose the subtle tensions that exist between the Rusholme and student communities
In the wake of the recent Reclaim the Night protest, David Moseley illustrates a role for men in feminist movements