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Our Editor-in-chief sits down with Women’s Officer Jenni Smyth to talk about Reclaim the Night, Trump, and talking to the other side
The recent narrative of student voter engagement has not been a particularly positive one, and Manchester’s students are no exception to this
UoM’s student volunteering project ‘Once a Month’ discuss intersectional feminism, toxic masculinity and what the university can do to raise more awareness around period poverty and coercion
The Mancunion sat down with the University of Manchester’s Feminist Collective to talk about their society values, their plans for the year ahead, and intersectional feminism
The Mancunion discusses feminist urbanism, who our cities are built for, and how we can make them more inclusive spaces
The Mancunion investigates whether each member of the 2022/23 Exec Team has fulfilled the promises in their manifesto, whilst looking into the structure of democracy at our SU more widely
Lead MCR voting has opened for next years’ Exec Officer team – Find out everything you need to know below:
Amid the largest-ever university staff strikes, it’s possible for students to demand compensation, and support their lecturers in doing so
Mustang stunningly captures a notion of female unity, it is distinctive in its relevancy to contemporary feminist movements
Trigger Warning: Discusses rape and sexual violence  Alice Sebold was a college student when she was raped. She was an 18-year-old at Syracuse University when that one night changed her life forever. However, it also ruined that of Anthony Broadwater. After being convicted of Sebold’s rape in 1982, he was later found innocent and exonerated […]
Holly Bourne’s new adult fiction novel Pretending was a five-star feminist read for one of our English literature students
Women who have long fallen lost to history are celebrated in Mackenzie Lee’s book ‘Bygone Badass Broads,’ which gives all the inspiration you’ll need if you’re feeling low on motivation. There really is a story for everyone. Here’s why you’ll definitely be needing this one on your shelf sooner rather than later
Your time at university is the optimal time to explore your passions, take a stand, and work to improve and shape the world how you see fit. Student media alone won’t do all of that for you – but it just might help.
Florrie Evans explores the first female filmmakers, highlighting their most famous films and their feminist message
Let’s spotlight the women behind the scenes of cinema, and acknowledge their best work.
Can the government deliver on its promise to reduce sexual violence for women?
The UoM Feminist Collective have brought back their Lit Club, online and accessible to all. Find out what they’ve got coming up!
What’s the SU Women’s Committee? Find out here!
Alexia Pieretti reviews We Won’t Fall at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation
Ellie Martin sits down with Sexpression to discuss the need for LGBTQ+ specific sex education on campus.