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Embracing sex positivity with a chronic condition can be tough
What are university pro-life societies? Are they just about abortion? The Mancunion speaks to two such societies and UoM’s Feminist Collective to find out
Through the lens of body horror, Julia Ducouranu’s 2016 film ‘Raw’ goes against the classic ‘coming of age’ story, exploring the harrowing realities of female puberty.
February marks LGBT History Month in the UK. This year celebrations will once more be virtual, but no less vital. Here’s how you can mark the occasion from your sofa in Manchester
Head Theatre Editor Jay Darcy begins his influencer series by interviewing influencer, student, blogger, content creator, and mental health and queer activist, Max Hovey
Laura Martin discusses recent changes to abortion rights in Poland, the USA, and even right here in Manchester
Cora Grim reviews the University of Manchester Women Theatre’s Society’s The Reanimating Project
The Oscars celebrate thrillers, but are too scared to show a mother’s postpartum experience – it’s time to prepare, celebrate and support mothers
Joe Carroll speaks to Cameron Dale, a recent participant of BBC Three’s Porn Laid Bare, a documentary showing the real side of pornography industry
How well do younger women really know their vaginas? According to a new study, the answer is less well than they think
Jasmine Taylor talks about the enlightening and empowering discussion on female pleasure run by Sexpression Manchester.
SHAG is a website and platform aimed at creating a safe space for sexual expression. It merges art with important conversations, increasing awareness of sexual experiences – both good and bad.
Anuli Changa finds empowerment and diversity in the University of Manchester’s production of the 1996 play
The Mancunion remembers Playboys legacy in Manchester following the death of Hugh Hefner
In honour of International Women’s Day, Science & Technology Reporter, Katie Holmes, takes us through the most influential and inspiring female scientists in Manchester’s history
The Pope’s recent comments on birth control have been exaggerated by the press—he and the Catholic Church remain thoroughly misogynistic
‘Fuck it Fiona’ peels back the lace to reveal the rabbits, romping, and ridiculous behaviour of an Ann Summers party
Morris Seifert and Nicole Tamer were blown away by the variety of stimulating talks at the recent TEDxSalford, with presentations from the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner and a man known as ‘Mister Toilet’
A blunt message from Downing Street this week was communicated to Britain’s leading public health expert (and the public at large) that the current age of consent for sex in the UK is 16, and “there are no plans to change it”. Is this the right attitude to take?