Peter Tatchell discusses a life dedicated to the liberation of LGBTQ+ people, including risking his own freedom when protesting in Qatar last year.
Voting and political engagement among young people is too low – the Mancunion explores why, and how young people can be better encouraged to take part in democracy.
In this iteration of University Roundup: hear what’s going on at Oxford, Newcastle, and more
In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Lifestyle Team are spotlighting some of our favourite women and female-focused societies on campus.
What’s going on for International Women’s Day, find out here:
Arising from the 90s Brit-Pop era, Lad Culture has been accepted and cemented itself into UK life. But what are the consequences of this? And is it just a bit of ‘banter’?
We talk to Manchester-based Cal Freeman about his experience as a Queer filmmaker, the projects he’s undertaken, and advice for aspiring filmmakers
Thinking of a career in the media? Wanting to get your foot in the door but not knowing where to look? Fear not – the annual Women in Media conference is back for two days in April. Here’s everything you need to know!
In honour of LGBTQIA+ History Month, The Mancunion speaks to Ana Maria Jessie Serna about Pan-Africanism, Black and queer documentary filmmaking
On Brexit’s third birthday, we consider the UK’s first steps outside the EU and ask why we’re putting up with less than we had before
The midterms have proved it’s time we view economics and abortion rights as one in the same
As Reclaim the Night comes into students’ focus, The Mancunion investigates the limited consent education offered to students and the current improvements being made
Reclaim the Night is a vital event but sometimes the language used surrounding it can have the opposite effect of its intent
Universities have no specific “duty of care” to their students according to a judge in Bristol. This ruling came following the death of 20 year old, University of Bristol student, Natasha Abrahart.
As the development of AI technology is rapidly improving, should we be questioning who our voice assistants are narrated by?
Aunt Angela gives the tips and tricks in tackling a loud and horny flatmate.
Queen Elizabeth II opened the University of Manchester in 2004. Following her death, we look back at her life and impact on the city of Manchester
The Defendant and The Law in 60 Seconds held a conference at UoM – find out what it was about!
Does Sinn Fein’s recent electoral victory secure the possibility of reunification for Ireland?
Swifties rejoice as the queen herself is used to translate Latin and make it more accessible in schools and universities

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