A look into the presence of sexual harassment that haunts gig culture and the live music scene.
The Mancunion’s Aasiyah Faryal sits down with NUS president Larissa Kennedy
Clementine Lawrence examines the difficulties universities face when it comes to navigating the minefield that is free speech
Holocaust Memorial Day is commemorated internationally, but what is the true significance of this date, and why is it vital to remember atrocities of the past?
Scotland have been the first to promise the dispensation of free tampons and sanitary products within public buildings across Scotland
The books section have created the ultimate Christmas book buying guide. Check out what we are recommending this Christmas
In case you haven’t seen, historical feminist writer from the 1700s, Mary Wollstonecraft, is causing a controversy in the UK, online, and even in the New York Times; But why?
Biden’s narrowing Latino vote didn’t matter much in this election, but he must do more to reach out to communities if he’s going to win a second term
What can we learn about black history from Gary Younge – and what can students do better?
The gender pay gap and equal pay are both important, but it’s also necessary to know the differences between these terms to understand the statistics
The University cited abuses of power and conflicts of interest as motivation for the policy
Manchester’s annual march against gender-based violence, led by SU Women’s Officer Ayla Huseyinoglu, returned last Thursday
Rosemary Russett reviews Ad Infinitum’s Extraordinary Wall of Silence at HOME
A 4-month investigation conducted by The Mancunion found multiple instances of offensive behaviour inside the University’s Ski and Snowboard club
GMCA have announced a series of events to mark the 25th anniversary of the genocide
Warehouse Project founder Sacha Lord led a wide-ranging discussion on student safety in the city
Groups campaigning for UoM to divest in fossil fuels have decided to join forces in order to unify their efforts and increase the pressure on the university.
The UK may acknowledge that sex without consent is rape in ours laws, but many still believe the damaging myths about rape and sexual assault, argues Kate Jackson
Figures show a growing number of students across the country signing up to Sugar Baby websites
The website comes after research earlier this year found that levels of discrimination remain relatively unchanged since 1969

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