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As Barbie misses out on big category nominations at the Oscars, the misplaced passion of its supporters signals a worrying shift for feminism
We consider the implication of the new Barbie film on the image of pretty women – will it perpetuate already degrading stereotypes, or subvert them?
The Barbie doll is an iconic image, found in most family homes; Gigi Hadid is an iconic image, found on most Instagram home pages. So what happens when the two meet?
Closets that never end, closets that pick your outfit for you, and closets controlled with a remote… ah the life of a fictional girlboss
The ‘women who have it all’ narrative is alive and kicking in 2024, but instead of being empowering, it’s a patriarchal trope designed to pit one against another
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After years of the feminist movement trying to extricate itself from gender essentialism, we’re seeing a regression in attitudes towards essentialist views; what does this mean for gender equality?
The 96th Academy Awards were full of the glamorous looks you’d expect, but what trends and outfits stood out at the Oscars this year?
In yet another musical biopic, One Love presents two years in the life of Bob Marley. As it attempts to tell the story of one of music’s most important figures, we take a look at how far One Love was successful
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