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The new route saw the march take over the city centre with a wider diversity of speakers than previous events
The yearly Reclaim the Night march was empowering, but one speech in particular fell flat, and left me feeling disillusioned about Reclaim’s productivity
As important as Reclaim the Night, the march proved to me that we, again, were just giving in to the whims of the city and not reaching the right demographic
The Feminist Collective discuss the effectiveness of Reclaim the Night campaign, and the changes they hope to see to make it more inclusive and intersectional
The stabbing of a 15-year-old London schoolgirl shows the importance of continuing the fight against gender-based violence
This years Reclaim the Night protest saw hundreds of students marching from Fallowfield to the Students’ Union in protest against gender-based violence
Reclaim the Night is a vital event but sometimes the language used surrounding it can have the opposite effect of its intent
Reclaim the Nightlife, the Students’ Union’s all-inclusive club night held in Academy 2 has been cancelled, due to low ticket sales
The Students Union have announced campaign goals and events in the run-up to the march for this years Reclaim the Night
Ahead of Reclaim the Night we spoke to the SU’s Wellbeing and Liberation Officer about this year’s march and the ‘Call it by its name’ campaign
Here’s what happened at the Reclaim the Night protest this year!
Although drinking culture is an activity enjoyed by both men and women, gendered stereotyping within the media perpetuates old-fashioned ideas of femininity and masculinity
What are the origins of Reclaim the Night?
What does the Student Union make of the Reclaim the Night event?
What does reclaim the night look like across different cultures around the world?
Addressing the importance of calling out catcalling and discussing what can be done to make women feel safer.
If women could solve the issue of male violence and sexual harassment themselves, we would have done so already
Manchester’s annual march against gender-based violence, led by SU Women’s Officer Ayla Huseyinoglu, returned last Thursday
Tallulah Brennan, Feminist Collective member, writes about why women need to Reclaim the Night