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Sexpression runs campaigns for better sexual education for all, throughout Manchester and the UK.
As part of our a Welcome Week Educational Special, Ashika Vijay tells us why she thinks private education isn’t worth the money.
In light of the arrests of students at the University of Birmingham, Jenny Sterne argues that universities should be fostering protest, not criminalising it
Our campaigns officer visited the Sussex occupation
Charlotte Green gives her views on the ‘Sussex against Privatisation’ movement
Sexpression Manchester aims to teach sexual health and encourage young people to make informed decisions
Website offering funding to students in exchange for “discreet adventures” exposed
Michael Farthing criticises government’s plans to improve higher education
Netflix’s Heartbreak High breaks ground with authentic autistic representation in Quinni, but Season 2 disappoints by sidelining her character. So, what makes for good representation?
From Downtown Abbey to Game of Thrones, the curse looms large in modern TV
Relive your 00s childhood and become drawn in by chocolate-themed musical numbers as we watch Willy Wonka fight to make a name in Paul King’s chocolate world
Book burning is finally outdated, but book banning is still a stable trend. Why is this still the case and what we can do about it?
Everything Now has a little bit of everything: sensitively exploring body image, teen romance, friendship, and the feeling of falling behind
It’s been a month since Heartbreak High was released on Netflix and here’s what we have to say about it
Emily Brontë’s life is somewhat inaccurately but powerfully depicted by Frances O’Connor
As it gets colder, here’s my recommendation for a classic tragedy novel you can get into this autumn and winter, maybe with a hot chocolate by your side
Conversations with Friends debuted over the summer to a mixed reception – we asked some students how they felt about it
Head Music Editor Sarah Taylor reviews Peaches’ stop at the O2 Ritz on her Teaches of Peaches 20th anniversary tour.
Doctor Who finally welcomes Ncuti Gatwa as its first black doctor (if we conveniently forget the Timeless Child twist)
Dealing with more mature characters than Rooney’s sophomore novel, Conversations follows Frances and Bobbi, recent graduates and ex-girlfriends-turned-friends.