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Jasmine Bennett returns to one of the best pop records of the 1990s in light of their reunion in a record reappraisal of Spiceworld
The books for Autumn 2023 have been revealed, and ranked highly among them was The Pumpkin Spice Café. But the question is, has it been overhyped or does it really live up to expectation?
The hate of pumpkin spice lattes has a darker undertone
Rosie Plunkett takes a look at photographer Evie Spicer
You know their names. Baby, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Posh. But do your know their fashion? The SpiceUp exhibition featuring their most iconic outfits proves their influence has probably seeped into your style either way
Molly Allen reminisces about the decade that brought fame to the Spice Girls and an end to Turkey Twizzlers
Known together as FIZZ, Dodie, Orla Gartland, Martin Luke Brown and Greta Issac brought their fever dream tour to Manchester, finding a spiritual home in the colourful indulgence
The Mancunion and Fuse FM sit down with S Club in celebration of their new tour
Just after the release of the post-punk band’s third record, The Mancunion’s Alex Cooper and Jacob Broughton-Glerup sit down with Shame to talk all things music: touring, the new record and Christmas singles.
The iconic electronic music duo bring 90s rave to Albert Hall, playing new and old favourites to a sold out crowd
Theatre Editor Jay Darcy reviews The Lady Boys of Bangkok – Summer of Love Tour at the Sabai Pavilion at the Trafford Centre
This Tuesday grab your friends and dress-up groovy for WIM’s Time Trippin’ extravaganza! A decade for everyone!
Theatre Editor Jay Darcy reviews Mel C, aka Sporty Spice, at O2 Ritz Manchester
Theatre Editor Jay Darcy and Claudia Langley interview Melanie Blake, ahead of the tour of the stage adaptation of her best-selling novel, The Thunder Girls
Chess Bradley ponders whether we have collectively reduced Frida Kahlo into a pop feminism icon
Before you start building your autumn/winter wardrobe for 2019, read this
Jasmine Bennett takes a glimpse at the rising female stars in the new, mysterious realm of reinvented pop
On the announcement that Pink will receive the BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, Bella Fleming looks at the reasons why she is not a worthy winner
Contributor Bella Fleming spills all the details on the upcoming BRIT Awards and everything you need to know in preparation for the big night.
Zoe Kent speaks to MØ ahead of her show at Manchester’s O2 Ritz