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Angelina Jolie Articles

What is life, post-Brangelina?

As the world seemingly sends itself into oblivion, are we investing too much of our time and energy in celebrity culture?

It is okay to care about Brad and Angelina’s divorce

We need a greater sense of balance between the serious and the trivial

Review: Unbroken

Amna Shaddad wasn’t inspired by Unbroken’s attempts to portray heroism

Halloween style stars from the silver screen

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch gives us 5 of the film world’s evilest villains whose styles you’ll want to steal

Preview: Maleficent

Parizad Mangi looks ahead to the release of Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ spin-off

Craving and Saving: Red Carpet accessories

Lusting after something that you simply cannot afford right now? Here is the high street alternative.