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Should you get a job whilst at university?

It might seem like a great idea in order to pay for those Taylor Swift tickets, but is working up to 30 – 40 hours week manageable? Robert Firth finds that it can be (so long as your boss loves you)

Should we accept a Surveillance State?

Isaac Atwal and Lauren Wills debate the pros and cons of state surveillance and answer the question whether or not we can allow it to continue

The Kindle: to buy or, not to buy?

Books Editor Alister Pearson provides a response to Leonie Dunn in favour of the Kindle

Debate: Does a relationship enhance your university experience?

While many people are eager for a relationship while at uni, others simply want to enjoy being young, free and single. Here, two students debate the issue

The ‘No Platform’ policy needs to end

Christian Barrow argues that to tackle extremist views, they need to be heard

Does the UK need to change its “Benefits Culture”?

After the controversy surrounding Channel 4’s ‘Benefits Street’, Alice Rigby and Emily Thomas debate the attitude towards benefits claimants in the UK

Universities UK condones segregated debates

Male-female segregation may be acceptable at university events, says report

It’s a boy girl thing

Can men and women ever really ‘just’ be friends? Beth Currall and Lewis Johnston argue both sides of the coin

Is Student activism dead?

Alice Rigby and Joe anthony debate whether student protest is still alive and kicking…

Does porn empower women?

In light of the controversial University debate, Charlotte Green and Alice Rigby question whether pornography can ever empower women

Help, I’m a traditionalist!

Are you an Elizabeth or a Jane?

Should we be itching to talk about pubic hair removal?

Gwen Ellis takes a look at how porn has influenced our sex lives and body images

The Great PDA Debate

Do you or don’t you?

Lights on or off?

Lauren Arthur and Beth Currall talk body confidence

What’s in a name?

Beyoncé’s world tour to be called ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’. Independent woman no longer?

Valentine’s Day: the debate

Is V Day a commercial hoax or is it a truly romantic tradition? Lifestyle investigates.

Debate 2: Defending circumcision

Circumcision is a practice which has been debated for thousands of years, but to forcibly prevent it from happening would be wrong.

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