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Legal highs: Worth the risk?

As the use of legal highs rises, Hannah McGrory discusses whether the high is worth the fallout… or not

Student drug kingpin jailed

Liam Reynolds and a gang of Leeds students ordered drugs from abroad using the Silk Road marketplace and sold them on to students

MDMYay or MDMNay?

An anonymous contributor asks whether party drugs are really worth it

5 reasons not to go out this week

Save your time, money and liver this weekend by opting not to go out, says Robert Firth

University isn’t the problem

David Brierley argues that the blame for the ever-present problems of stress and depression cannot be so easily laid on the apparent ‘University Lifestyle’

Nando’s Napkin Gets Dealer Nicked- Needs Image

Manchester drug dealer busted after his fingerprints were left on a Nando’s napkin

William S. Burrough: The man and the legend

Alister Pearson looks back at the life of the controversial writer William S. Burroughs, who was born a century ago this year

Cannabis: The other side

Tim Harcourt-Powell tells the story of a student struggling with a major cannabis problem

UK drugs policy is failing

Following the tragic death of a man at Warehouse Project, Josh Knowles examines Britain’s policy on drugs and argues that we need drastic reform

Wait for the drop…

Emily Thomas discusses how drug-taking has become endemic at Warehouse Project, with tragic consquences

Warehouse awareness

Following the recent death of one man and the hospitalisation of several others at the Warehouse Project, it’s more important than ever for students to be aware of drug-taking risks.

Salford students convicted of drug dealing

Class A, B, and C drugs found in Salford dorm room

Young Brits’ drug use is fueling organised crime in West Africa

Christian Barrow tells us why students need to consider the worldwide impacts of purchasing recreational drugs

Students to face random ‘smart drug’ tests?

10% of students in the UK take ‘cognitive enhancing’ drugs

Students over-estimate number of peers taking drugs

90% believe peers are taking drugs, compared with the reality of 54%

Police seize estimated £1m in drugs and drug money

Police raid 13 houses across Stockport and North Wales in drug operation

Man reveals drug empire during murder trial

A man has been jailed for six years after revealing a drug empire while giving evidence in a murder trial

Column: Time to move on, Manchester.

When a band like The Courteeners is able to sell out the MEN Arena, there must be a clear dearth of anything remotely listenable coming out of the city.

Britain’s best loved drug smuggler – an interview with Howard Marks

The proud former leader of a hashish trafficking empire talks about legalising cannabis and eating dog food

We didn’t make a fuss in case they abolished us – former drugs advisor

In an exclusive interview, David Nutt’s colleague tells The Mancunion about being ‘told off’ for criticising government drug policy