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FIFA Articles

Top tips for living harmoniously with the opposite sex

Just moved in with the opposite sex? Kitty Treverton Jones has some advice to avoid arguments

Watch out! Fifa fail ethically yet again

The latest corruption scandal involving Fifa shows how endemic a problem it is.

Comment: UEFA must act soon

With racism rife in the European game, UEFA and FIFA must make a stand.

FIFA 2013

Shanda Moorghen looks at EA’s yearly entry in the Fifa franchise

Where did it all go wrong for Pro Evo?

Shanda Moorghen looks at fall of Pro Evo and the rise of FIFA

Deja Vu: Fans angry at EA for releasing identical game

Gamers angry as EA releases carbon copy FIFA 13 on the WIi and PS Vita

Retro Corner: Crash Bandicoot

Andrew Williams reminisces about a brilliant game from a simpler time – the 1996 masterpiece Crash Bandicoot