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Ludonarrative dissonance: the developer’s paradox

Ludonarrative dissonance: the developer’s paradox

The biggest problem facing true immersion in video games?

Grand Theft Auto V: The game that just keep giving?

Rockstar Games first released the latest instalment of the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto franchise back in 2013, to almost palpable anticipation, and they certainly did not disappoint. With sales in excess of 60 million copies across multiple platforms, GTA V’s success rivals that of the King of Pop and his 1982 album Thriller. But […]

Grand Theft Auto V

Tom Cottrell explores everything Los Santos has to offer in Rockstar’s latest ambitious offering.

GTA: Grand Torrent Auto

Games Editor Alasdair Preston examines the leaked release of Rockstar’s latest offering

Feature: The Music Behind the Murder

“The home of gangsta rap and gaangsta bitches!!”