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Nottingham maintains support for misogyny as a hate crime

Nottingham maintains support for misogyny as a hate crime

We trace the origins of the misogyny is hate campaign, and look at how public support in Nottingham hasn’t translated into concrete results

We must not repeat our mistakes in Syria

IS are arguably a result of our previous interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan—the conflict in Syria shows how hard it is to cease such ideology

Students protest airstrikes on Syria

Students in Manchester and across the country took to the streets while to protest while MPs debated whether to start military action against the IS in Syria

In the wake of Paris, Islam must be embraced by the West

The Western world must resist division, suspicion and demonisation of Islam if it wants to combat Islamic State

Peacekeeping in Palmyra: The latest symbol of self-interest

Joely Thomas discusses whether UN peacekeeping missions, such as the preservation of Palmyra, are doing all that they can to protect people

How do we solve a problem like radicalisation?

‘Prevent’ is hypocritical and ignorant, but the problem goes much further than that

The Criminal Negligence of Non-Intervention

Bruce Tang argues that we can never permit the suffering of others, even if it is politically unpopular.

Dog Is Dead

Nottingham’s premier purveyors of indie-pop brought the curtain up on their UK tour