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Review: Black Mirror S3E01 — Nosedive

Nosedive is a technically successful pilot episode for the new season of Black Mirror — but is it really all that original?

Review: Black Mirror, Men Against Fire

A chilling look into the future of warfare in the third season of Black Mirror

Black Mirror Series Three

Black Mirror series three is exactly as expected: a clumsy and blundering criticism of the modern world

Feature: Monsters and the Femme fatale

Chilling Netflix documentary Amanda Knox exhibits the blatant persecution of women who have sex

Feature: Stranger Things and the future of TV

Stranger Things signals a change in the way television is viewed and received

TV Binge: Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer is a unique series that succeeds both as a thought-provoking documentary and as a gripping and entertaining ‘crime’ story

The evolution of “Netflix and chill”

Rowan Jenner charts the evolution of “Netflix and chill” from innocent beginnings to misleading euphemism

TV Binge: Master of None

Master of None’s sharp comedy and cinematic style make it another stellar entry to the Netflix originals canon

Feature: Tarantino vs Netflix

Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, people will go on about how “cool” VHS films are, just like with film cameras and typewriters today. But right now, unfortunately not everyone currently agrees

Review: Keith Richards: Under the Influence

This Netflix documentary follows ex-Stones guitar player Keith Richards through a tour of his blues influences around America

TV Binge: Narcos

Narcos is the essential drug lord drama to watch in the post-Breaking Bad TV age

TV Binge: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Sarah Wolff gives us another show to add to our Netflix lists

Procrastination by watching TV is good for us!

Leanne Charlotte explores the importance of primetime television in portraying health issues to aid the public’s understanding of stigmatised illnesses

TV Binge: The Thick of It

Ben Sutton encourages you to catch up with the wickedly entertaining British sitcom The Thick of It

TV made me live a fantasy

Molly Allen considers the impact of TV on our expectations (no, just because you’re not living in a penthouse doesn’t mean that your life’s a failure)

TV Binge: American Horror Story

James Moules explains why catching up with the hit show American Horror Story would be well worth your while

Men of steel

What does TV’s newest policitcal outing have to tell us about power dressing, asks Ben Brown.

Where has everybody gone?

Mark McGrath looks at why directors are leaving Hollywood behind

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