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Review: The Meg

Review: The Meg

Shark cliches galore, The Meg is an unfortunate cash grab which is not the blockbuster that the original shark films of the 1970s were, writes James Gill
Review: The Post

Review: The Post

Meryl Streep shines in an entertaining yet sentimental political thriller from Steven Spielberg

Preview: 4K Season at Vue Cinemas

A variety of classics are coming back on to the big screen

Review: Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies succeeds as a decent espionage drama, and bears many of Steven Spielberg’s best and worst tendencies

Schindler’s List is no masterpiece

Parizad argues that far from being the great piece of cinema it is often hailed, Schindler’s List is in fact a poor attempt by Hollywood to portray the tragedy of the Holocaust

The films are alive with the Sound of Music

Sophie James celebrates the importance of music in cinema

BAFTA 2013: Top 5 BAFTA Snubs

Dylan Wiggan lists the surprise snubs in this year’s BAFTA nominations

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