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Manchester students urged to consider teaching careers

Manchester students urged to consider teaching careers

The campaign will feature academic professionals offering their expertise and advice in the field
University students successfully tutoring disadvantaged pupils

University students successfully tutoring disadvantaged pupils

Students from the University of Manchester are among those involved in a scheme to help pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds progress.

Here’s the big problem with young people volunteering abroad

Alex Hope argues that there is a serious problem with the way that young people raise funds to volunteer abroad

Manchester University questioned over Brexit teaching

Students’ Union Education Officer suggested that “government interfering with academic autonomy is dangerous” as letter is sent to MPs about Brexit teaching

British people should learn community languages

Changes to the languages we are taught at school may be made in a bid to improve the UK’s economic standing and the social integration of immigrants

The TEF: a Trojan Horse into Higher Education

Manchester Students’ Union’s Education Officer argues that the Teaching Excellence Framework threatens to inject further elitism into Higher Education

What do Teach First ambassadors actually promote?

The organisation’s prominence is detrimental to the progress of schools in Britain’s most deprived areas

Stoke-on-Trent to pay off maths teachers’ tuition fees

A million pound maths teaching initiative has been launched by Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw, to help to improve education standards of young people in Stoke-on-Trent

Left-wing ideology and stifled debate in schools

Romy Biscoe asks whether schools and academics suffer from an unconscious left wing bias that harms debate amongst students

Manchester’s got Wood: University hires TV historian

World renowned historian, Michael Wood, has made over a hundred documentaries and will teach at The University of Manchester from September