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The Walking Dead Articles

Telltale Games to shut down

Telltale Games to shut down

Danny Jones reflects on the sad news regarding the troubled yet widely-loved studio

Top 5: US TV Dramas

With new seasons of Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks underway, Jamie McEvoy runs down the top 5 US TV dramas currently available on air and online

Top 5 comic books for complete beginners

Brocha Goode recommends five graphic novels and comic books for those who don’t like superheroes

Review: The Walking Dead SE07E1

The season premiere sent shockwaves through The Walking Dead universe in what is by far the most astonishing episode of the series to date

We love to fear the zombie

The undead have taken the entertainment world by storm, but what is it that is so appealing about the zombie apocalypse?

TV Binge: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a show that has reached highs and lows, and largely bases itself around a strict formula

Why the sudden love for Zombie films?

For Tom Glasser, a Zombie outbreak is like a motorway service station, and the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead says much about our society