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How to spend your summer

It’s a little bit ridiculous how much time we get off in the summer months. Kitty Treverton Jones gives you a guide to the variety of things you can do to occupy your time

Cocaine, cartels and corruption

Planning on going travelling in South America? Hetty Dillon shares her experience of living in Colombia and shows how there is so much more to the country than the things it is famous for

From Manchester to Marrakech

Wanting to take a break from the Manchester drizzle? Josepha Griffin Parry recommends loosing yourself in the souks of Marrakech

“My Super Summer in the States”

Dreading being stuck at home for three stifling months? Take a tip from Manchester student Mark Woodward and go stateside, even with little $, by volunteering as a Camp Leader.

Humans of UoM: Asha

“Don’t make me sound like a bitch: I’ll kill you.” Robert Firth speaks to student Asha about English guys, interrail twats and peeing herself

Briefly Exploring Chester

This week Robert Firth ventures beyond Manchester and finds himself bored in Chester

Let’s visit… Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Looking for a day trip from Manchester? Beautiful Hebden Bridge is a great place to start

Study Abroad Report: Beijing

Marina Garvey-Birch is studying abroad in Beijing, learning Chinese in a city of over 20 million people. Now a few months into her exchange, she’s settling into a Chinese lifestyle of early starts, tempting food, and everything done differently…

The L.A complex

Sophie on the diverse range of travellers she met on her journey across Latin America

The American Adventure

Ciara Kavanagh on her experience as part of BUNAC’s Work America program

Down in the Dutch

Pip Squeak on the trials and tribulations of travelling around Holland.

Travel: Gardens of Versailles

Our elusive traveller ‘Pip Squeak’ on his stay in the picturesque Gardens of Versailles

Travel: Unknown Festival

ANOTHER festival in Croatia? Joe Hand gives his verdict on Warehouse Project’s Unknown.

Travel Guide: Barcelona

Beth Currall reports back on her late summer break in Spain’s second largest city.

Top 5: Travel Films

Parizad Mangi gives us her top 5 films that’ll make you long for next summer!

BA Econ in Amsterdam

The BA Econ Society hit the city of Amsterdam for their annual trip.

Thailand: a cultural paradise

Thomas Oriel’s love letter to the South East Asian destination

Valentine’s ventures

Faye Parr takes us through two of the UK’s best Valentine’s break destinations.

Post exam escapes

Lucy takes us through the best mini breaks to celebrate the end of exams.

Experience: Edinburgh

Lucy Gardner guides you around the Scottish capital