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Joelle Jefferis

Joelle Jefferis

Rivers of London, Ben Aaronovitch – review

Ben Aaronovitch’s fantasy/crime world offers some much-needed respite as dissertation deadlines and exam period draw ever closer

Diary of a reluctant Kindle user

Now that the e-book apocalyptists have quietened down a bit, Joelle Jefferis turns to the somewhat more measured possibility of peaceful co-existence between books and their e- counterparts

Top 5 books you wouldn’t want to be seen reading on the Magic Bus

Do you judge people by the covers of their books? If you do you, remember they may return the favour

Bond vs Smiley

In the wake of Skyfall’s release, Joelle Jefferis pits two British literary espionage incarnations against one another

Escape in a children’s story

Remember how fun reading was when you were a kid? Joelle Jefferis advocates reigniting the adventure

“A good story is a good story!” – Why adapting a book can be for the best

Bringing Literature to Life explored the issues inherent in adapting literature for stage and screen