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Union Assembly votes to keep police off campus
A motion severely limiting police presence on campus was passed by a large majority at the first Union Assembly
The ultimate guide to food in Fallowfield
Your new accommodation may be no Bristol-level brick buildings but fear not, you’re in the hotspot for the best bars and charming scran!
Lifestyle Loves: Campus hidden gems
To continue our new ‘Lifestyle Loves’ series, we offer readers our top picks for new places to discover on the UoM campus
The history of rave fashion: What to expect from Manchester
Excited to go out in Manchester? Gear up and find out what everyone’s wearing on the rave scene today
The Gilmore Girls Aesthetic: Finding the beauty in autumn
As the autumn months draw in, The Mancunion examines how the popular series Gilmore Girls can inspire the perfect day-to-day autumn lifestyle and the importance of finding joy in the colder weather
Creative to Con Artist: An insight into concert merchandise
An insight into the creative history of concert merchandise and how current artists are exploiting their fans through the sale of fast fashion with a lacks of creativeness
Manchester Artist Spotlight: pyncher
Get to know one of manchester hottest up and coming bands! pyncher give us the low down.
Graphic designs and good times: Exploring Harrison Edwards’ latest works
Whether you’re grabbing a slice of pizza at Crazy Pedro’s, or taking a shot at Southside Tequila, the venue’s visuals never fail to match the vibes. But have you ever considered who’s responsible for the designs behind these good times?
Conversations with friends about Conversations with Friends
Conversations with Friends debuted over the summer to a mixed reception – we asked some students how they felt about it
Musicals of Manchester: October
Find out what musicals are coming to Manchester this October!
Drug testing crisis: Only 250 kits for 40,000 students
Unadvertised and unavailable: drug testing kits for students still not readily accessible
Why the SU is annoyingly unrepresentative
The Students’ Union from next year is worryingly unrepresentative with the removal of the International Officer and the introduction of a BAME Associate Chair
Why Liz Truss is taking you for a fool
The recent mini-budget has shown the Tories are blatantly rigging the economy in favour of the super-rich – here’s how and why Liz Truss is taking you for a fool!
Student Media Matters: Student media makes sense in a world which doesn’t
Your time at university is the optimal time to explore your passions, take a stand, and work to improve and shape the world how you see fit. Student media alone won’t do all of that for you – but it just might help.
The Mancunion’s Favourite Mancunian Scientists
Manchester has been home to many renowned scientists throughout history whose research changed the world. Here are a few of our favourites
Written in Twitter-speak and featuring terrific performances from Amandla Stenberg and Rachel Sennott, A24’s Bodies bodies bodies is a whip-smart gen-z whodunnit that doesn’t talk down to its audience.
Get Active! The best sport spots to play in Manchester
A look at the the best, cheapest, and most convenient places to play sport in Manchester.
The fifth instalment of Manchester’s very own Festa Italiana
Manchester’s very own Festa Italiana returned for it’s fifth instalment with delicious and authentic Italian food. But is up to the Italian’s own standards?
Don’t Worry Darling review: Controversy clouds mediocrity of Wilde’s second feature
The most controversial film of the summer, Booksmart filmmaker Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling’s mediocrity is masked by the rumours surrounding its on-set drama and stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles.
Opinion: Queen over Country? Was the disruption to sports justified?
Sporting fixtures all over the country came to a pause in respect of Queen Elizabeth’s death. But was this the right decision?

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