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24th April 2024

Celebrity Style guide #7: Lewis Hamilton

Not everyone would look to the Formula 1 paddock for style inspiration, but luckily our editors have some insight from Lewis Hamilton to help you elevate your wardrobe
Celebrity Style guide #7: Lewis Hamilton
Credit: Collage by Imogen Mingos @ The Mancunion

If you’re looking to spice up your style, but you’re also a fan of effortless dressing (as a student, who isn’t?) then take a look at the wardrobe of Sir Lewis Hamilton: seven-time World Champion, MBE, and the king of paddock fits.

If you’re not yet convinced, it’s worth pointing out that Hamilton has launched five collections with Tommy Hilfiger and collaborated on watches with IWC – this man really can do it all.

Lewis Hamilton’s style is cool and casual, but he makes a statement with fun accessories including sunglasses and jewellery to give his signature look some flair. Read on for your complete guide on how to dress like one of Formula 1’s most fashionable drivers.

Oversized is key

The first step in getting the Lewis Hamilton look is to go for oversized pieces or shop a size or two above your usual so your clothes have a baggy fit. We’ve seen this appeal to students in previous years with the rise of the skater style which paved the way for cargo trousers and brands like Carhartt being popularised around Oxford Road. Comfortable, practical, versatile – what’s not to like?

Matching sets and deconstructed suits

Hamilton also favours matching sets and deconstructed suits for his go-to look. This is a surefire way to look put together, but still keep a cool and effortless vibe thanks to the baggy fit. Easy to dress up or dress down, this is Hamilton’s signature look which we’ve seen him wear both around the paddock and on the red carpet.

If you’re not ready to fill your wardrobe up with matching sets just yet, then don’t worry because Hamilton also loves the classic baggy jeans and oversized graphic tee outfit combo. He’d probably appreciate Hollister’s McLaren collection; just don’t let Toto Wolff know that.


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♬ original sound – JΛY✫


It goes without saying that the seven-time World Champion of course likes to add a bit of sparkle to his outfits with embellishments and diamantes as seen in his recent red carpet look at the GQ Creativity Awards.

Hamilton proves that men’s fashion doesn’t need to be boring or one-dimensional – don’t forget to have fun with your everyday fashion as well as your night-out looks.


What makes Hamilton’s style stand out from the rest is how he accessorizes his outfits. Never without a pair of sunglasses and jewellery, Hamilton knows how to complete a look.

He typically wears understated but fun pieces like pearl necklaces, rings, and beaded bracelets to go with his piercings. If you’re new to the world of accessorizing then start off simple with a bracelet and a pair of sunnies.

To truly channel Lewis Hamilton you’ll need a watch to bring some sophistication to your looks and make sure you actually show up to lectures on time…

Credit: Urban Outfitters @, £18; Weekday @, £26


Lewis Hamilton clearly understands the importance of a good shoe in tying a look together as he never disappoints on the footwear front.

Usually opting for trainers, his choice of shoe is never a statement piece but something classic to elevate his whole outfit as opposed to drawing attention from it.

That said, if you’re going big with a monochromatic matching tracksuit set, then you might as well go the full mile and match the shoes too.

Credit: Nike @, £104

Be bold

As mentioned, Hamilton isn’t afraid to play around and have fun with his style by accessorising and wearing bold prints or colours – we think he’d like these Travis Spinks x iets frans tracksuit bottoms.

He’s worn camo numerous times which has proven to be a success, but also rocked Barbie pink trousers. Hamilton is this year’s winner of GQ‘s Global Creativity Award for a reason.

There’s no time like the present so if you’ve been thinking about switching up your style then this is your sign to go for it! Try on that shirt that caught your eye, throw on an extra necklace, go to a new vintage store.

Lewis Hamilton inspired tracksuit trousers
Credit: Urban Outfitters @, £49

Lastly, remember to embody the confidence and swagger of a seven-time World Champion when you walk out the door. Part of what makes Lewis Hamilton’s outfits so iconic is the confidence with which he wears them.

There’s no denying that Lewis Hamilton is a trailblazer both on and off track so if you’re looking to the man for style inspiration then just remember to hold your head up high and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Take a look at the previous article in our ‘Celebrity Style Guide‘ series to see a breakdown of Michael Schumacher’s style, from sporty y2k outfits to cowboy inspired looks.

Imogen Mingos

Imogen Mingos

Head Fashion & Beauty Editor 2023-24 | Awarded Best Newcomer (The Mancunion) at MMG Awards 2023 | Highly Commended for Section Editor of the Year at MMG Awards 2024

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