• Depoliticise the poppy

    British Legion,In Flander's Fields,poppy,remembrance sunday,Veteran,war

    George Walker discusses the politics surrounding the poppy and suggests we need to reconsider and re-evaluate the true meaning of this symbol.

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  • Get up, stand up – your tuition fees are outrageous

    debt,international student,student debt,tuition fees

    As a dutch student studying in the UK, Rose Uijtewaal is shocked at how accepted the comparatively expensive tuition fees are here.

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  • Scientist nominations for new £50 banknote

    ada lovelace,Alan Turing,bank,banknote,money,rosalind franklin,scientist,Stephen Hawking

    Nominations have opened to see who will be the new face of the £50 note. We look at the front-running contenders from all fields of STEM.

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  • Obituary: Professor Paul O’Brien

    chemistry,Obituary,paul o'brien,research,STEM,University of Manchester

    We honour Professor Paul O'Brien, a professor of Inorganic Materials at the University, for his invaluable contributions to science and society.

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  • Lie detectors: an efficient technology or just pseudoscience?

    Biology,EU,lie detection,lie detectors,manchester metropolitan university,medicine,researc,STEM

    The EU has announced plans to implement lie detectors at its busiest borders, but is the science behind lie detection really infallible?

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