• Oil or Nothing? City’s finances come under scrutiny

    abu dhabi,Der Spiegel,Football Leaks,manchester city,Sheikh Mansour

    Leaked documents supposedly reveal the truth behind Manchester City's incredible wealth.

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  • Review: ‘Repeal the 8th’

    abortion,ireland,Manchester Literature Festival,repeal the 8th

    The Manchester Literature Festival hosted a discussion on the historic repeal of the Eight Amendment that happened in May last year.

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  • Review: ‘Sea Prayer’ by Khaled Hosseini

    Alan Kurdi,Bloomsbury,Dan Williams,Khaled Hosseini,Sea Prayer,Syrian Refugee Crisis

    'Sea Prayer' is a short work about the Syrian Refugee Crisis accompanied by watercolour illustrations

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  • ASDA Supermarket Trials an “Inclusive Hour” in Manchester

    Asda,autism,autism awareness,dementia,dementia awareness,purple tuesday

    The supermarket chain has announced a new trial that gives people with hidden disabilities the opportunity to feel safe whilst doing their food shop.

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  • Review: Nick Laird and Sasha Dugdale

    Feel Free,joy,Manchester Literature Festival,Nick Laird,poetry,poetry reading,Sasha Dugdale

    As part of the Manchester Literature Festival, the Martin Harris Centre welcomed writers Sasha Dugdale and Nick Laird to read from their latest poetry collections

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