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15th April 2024

Making Manchester #1: Anna Marsden

We’re kicking off our new feature, Making Manchester, by quizzing photographer Anna Marsden about her practice and what inspires her
Making Manchester #1: Anna Marsden
Photo: Anna Marsden

One of Manchester’s biggest selling points is its thriving cultural industries. Our new feature, Making Manchester, celebrates some of the emerging creatives behind Manchester’s vast and diverse artistic output. We’re starting by talking to Anna Marsden, a photographer, student, and writer, about her captivating photography, and navigating the 21st century landscape as an artist.

Describe your practice

I would consider myself a fine art photographer whose practice is anchored within the analogue. I love the darkroom and exploring traditional and old methods of creating prints whilst delving into the feminine experience.

Photo: Anna Marsden 

What’s your favourite place to see or make art in Manchester?

My favourite place in the world to see art is Antwerp Mansion. It is such a unique venue and is a great place to find local and emerging, passionate artists.

What’s the biggest challenge facing artists today?

I believe it is hard for artists today to create original work. So much of what we make is steeped in things that have already been created, which isn’t necessarily bad but I do think it is challenging to create what has never been seen before. In such a fast-paced world it’s difficult to be patient within our craft and think, and create something organic and imaginative.

Photo: Anna Marsden

Is there an artist who inspires you or who you’d like to collaborate with?

The photographer Justine Kurland is at the root of all the work I do. She is the artist who made me want to become a photographer in the first place. She and Adolf de Meyer are both so pivotal in how I create and where I turn when I’m lacking inspiration or drive. If he were still alive, I would be starstruck to collaborate with de Meyer, his portraits are otherworldly.

Adolf de Meyer. Credit: Dolores @WikimediaCommons

Shout out an artist you love!

I would like to give a shoutout to Luis Beckett (Instagram: @rondeveux). His paintings are so mesmerising and he is truly an artist in Manchester who helps the audience get lost in his work and is dedicated to his practice.
If you’re a Manchester-based artist and would like to be featured in Making Manchester, get in touch with us at [email protected]
Grace Buckley

Grace Buckley

Arts Editor

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