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24th April 2024

Brunch at Santé: A slice of sun

Santé offers the perfect spot for a sunny al fresco brunch, topped off with student-budget friendly deals and a brilliantly Mediterranean inspired menu
Brunch at Santé: A slice of sun
Photo: Jasminder Philora @ The Mancunion

As the sun’s beginning to peek out, and Manchester’s finally beginning to thaw a bit, there’s nothing better than soaking those few rays up over brunch.

Home to loads of great food and drink spots, each with immaculate vibes, Burton Road offers up a variety of spots to treat yourself with friends. Its location in Didsbury can often mean students rule it out for being that bit too pricey, or far from ‘studentville’. However, Santé has offered an incentive to venture that bit further out that may be hard to decline!

As a huge fan of Mediterranean food and saving money, Santé’s new £15 brunch and cocktail deal caught my eye and reeled me into the vibrance of their Instagram straight away. After a glance at their brunch menu, I knew I had to give it a try. With a menu that boasts local produce and a range of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, we had the feeling that Manchester had dipped its toes into European summer and invited us along. Offered among brunch classics like the ‘Full Santé’ (available also as a vegan option), and ‘Santé Beans on Toast’ were things like shakshuka and sourdough, or hearty chicken gyros, so it was safe to say that you could really explore a variety of sunny flavours here.

We opted to try both ends of the spectrum and sample the ‘Full Santé’ and the ‘Prosciutto di Parma’, paired with a couple of cocktails: the ‘White Grape and Apricot Royal’ and ‘Honey Suckle Fizz’ did not disappoint! Both drinks were super refreshing and light, each with a unique twist. The white grape and apricot provided a more subtle, sophisticated taste to the usual bellini style cocktail, and the ‘Honey Suckle Fizz’ offered a fragrant hint of what we decided “summer in France” must taste like. These were really unlike cocktails I’ve had at brunches in the past, yet fit the vibe perfectly, with plenty of other non-alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst, without making it a boozy affair.

Photo: Jasminder Philora @ The Mancunion

On to the main course, however, and the food was incredible. Both portions were well-balanced, generous, and beautifully put together. The ‘Full Santé’ was a rustic, savoury delight, with attention to detail such as the homemade beans taking it above the level of your bog-standard greasy spoon fry-up. With the crispiest bacon and hash browns, and a perfectly runny egg, all waiting to be mopped up by some delicious sourdough, we determine that this would be the ultimate hangover cure.

Photo: Jasminder Philora @ The Mancunion

The ‘Prosciutto di Parma’ was another triumph! Crisp sourdough, fresh avocado, a delicately poached egg, and a lavish topping of prosciutto and rocket all married together to emulate that Mediterranean goodness. An addition of blistered cherry tomatoes on the side made for a balance between sweet, salty, and umami flavours, that introduced a fusion between more traditional British brunch elements and a much-loved Italian favourite.

Photo: Jasminder Philora @ The Mancunion

At this point, my only criticism may be a lack of sweeter options. The ‘Santé Granola’ was ordered at the table next to ours, and looked so fresh and delicious. This, however, was the only sweet brunch item available on the menu, so to see a few others would have been a great addition. Saying that, Santé has a brilliant pastry and coffee deal for £6, which we also sampled and loved. Our cappuccinos were spot on and the pastries were warm and flaky, served with a tart mixed berry compote, making for the perfect al fresco treat.

Photo: Jasminder Philora @ The Mancunion

From 1-2pm Mondays to Thursdays, you can try an item from their signature brunch menu, paired with a cocktail for just £15. Or, if you fancy a lighter bite, enjoy a coffee and pastry for £6. Check out Santé’s website to find out more.

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