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6th March 2023

A taste of Hong Kong on Oxford Road

Have you walked past the waffle stand on Oxford road? Here’s a tell all on the unique waffles you’ve been curious about!
A taste of Hong Kong on Oxford Road
Photo: Jojo Yuen @ Unsplash

My eyes lit up with excitement when I saw the egg waffle stand recently set up on Oxford road.

Egg waffles, also known as eggetes, and bubble waffles (gai daan jai which translates to “little chicken eggs”) are popular street food in Hong Kong and Macau. As an international student from Hong Kong, I was quick to get in line at the stand to try one, even if this meant running a little late to my lecture.

There were various waffle options and even the choice to customise your own toppings. You can choose between egg and regular waffles, which resemble the traditional waffle we are all used to seeing. However, I opted for an oreo topped egg waffle, which did not disappoint.

The egg waffles I have had from street vendors in Hong Kong are crispy on the outside, chewy and fluffy on the inside and very satisfying, and this one was just that.

While you are probably familiar with the commonly found Belgian-style waffle, egg waffles have both a different look, texture, and taste. They are lighter with a slight pancake texture and, in my opinion, way more fun to eat because you can tear off each bubble before enjoying it. 

The stand is called The Fing Fing Cloud and is exclusively run by one man. Watching the waffles be made fresh in front of your eyes is part of the experience. Unlike your usual waffle iron, egg waffles are made in an egg carton-looking waffle iron. The runny batter is poured into the iron, filling up all the divots until submerged and hidden. The lid is then closed and immediately turned over via the handle. This is what allows the bubble shape to form.  

As I was waiting to interview the waffle man, as he is now known, I found many people stopping and staring in awe at his stand and the waffle-making process. Nevertheless, some would walk away, possibly because it is something they are unfamiliar with.

Upon interviewing the waffle man, I discovered he is originally from Macau. Due to the proximity and history of Macau and Hong Kong, egg waffles are equally famous in both places. He informed me this waffle recipe has been in his family since the 1950s, which is when egg waffles first originated. His family still owns an egg waffle store in Macau, but he wanted to share this popular street food with the western world. Therefore, he has set up a stand here and told me he has even tweaked the recipe to adhere to local flavours. The menu consists of four waffle options, but with the option to customise your own, you can personalise a waffle to your taste. 

So next time you walk along Oxford road, look out for the ‘Fing Fing Cloud’ egg waffle stand outside the RNCM building and definitely give it a try! 

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