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13th May 2024

University archway vandalised with red paint

The vandalism occurred in the early hours of May 13 morning and is being investigated by Greater Manchester police, according to a University statement
University archway vandalised with red paint
Credit: Alexandra Baynes @ The Mancunion

Since this piece was published, the “autonomous” group ‘UoM Action for Palestine’ have claimed responsibility on X for this action.

The University of Manchester quad archway and part of the Manchester Museum have been vandalised with red paint.

A University statement claims that the event happened in the “early hours” of the morning of May 13.

The statement on Student News claims that the University has CCTV footage of the incident and are working with Greater Manchester Police “who are investigating the incident.”

Both buildings are Grade II listed. The damage will be dealt with “as soon as possible.”

Manchester Museum vandalised
Credit: Alexandra Baynes @ The Mancunion

Manchester Leftist Action (MLA) have denied that they were involved.

Pro-Palestine groups have erected an encampment on Brunswick Park, protesting the University’s ties to BAE Systems and Israeli universities.

When contacted by The Mancunion, a camp spokesperson said, “We take no responsibility for this action. However, it does show that more and more students believe that action is more urgent than ever.”

“This action from outside the camp exposes the University of Manchester’s complicity in genocide and that it is covered in the blood of Palestinians.”

While this event has not been claimed by any group, similar acts of vandalism around the country have been perpetrated by pro-Palestine groups. In April, the Ministry of Defence was sprayed with red paint by Youth Demand and Palestine Action.

This is the second case of vandalism at the University this academic year. In October, the University’s Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (Ali G) building was graffitied by Just Stop Oil activists.

The full University statement states: “In the early hours of the morning, 13 May, the University and Manchester Museum were subject to an act of criminal vandalism. 

If you are coming on to campus today, you may see that there has been some criminal damage primarily to the Manchester Museum and Queens Arch, with paint sprayed over part of the building early this morning. 

We have CCTV footage of the incident and are working with Greater Manchester Police who are investigating the incident. Meanwhile, specialist paint removal contractors have been called and will be dealing with the damage as soon as possible.”

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