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Guilty Pleasure – Ke$ha

Ke$ha has been one of the rising stars of 2010, most notable for her “sing-talk” method and catchy songs, but being seen as a “metalhead”, it seems almost unspeakable that I enjoy listening to her music.

The lyrics may make very little sense whatsoever, yet Ke$ha contributes a large amount to the writing of her songs, as opposed to many other pop stars who rely on professional song-writers to compose their hits. After all, the lyrics are what make the songs so memorable, even if at points it’s grammatically incorrect.

From ‘We R Who We R’ to ‘Blah Blah Blah’ featuring 3OH!3, everybody has to know of or heard one of Ke$ha’s songs at one point. However, the draw is that they are the sort of songs that get stuck in your head, which probably is why people can’t stand it anymore. But, for me anyway, it’s a total change from the music I generally listen to.
Even with me not being an advocate of Auto-Tune, ‘Tik Tok’ still manages to be heavily auto-tuned and remain something I can listen to without wanting to deafen myself.

Above all though, she has a dollar sign in her name. You’ve got to like her.

James Birtles

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