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14th September 2011

Defeating the stereotype

A brief introduction to the Lifestyle section and how you can get involved with writing

I’ve had a lot of people ask me since I was made one of the Lifestyle editors for this year what it exactly is that the Lifestyle section covers. Lifestyle is defined, by my very reliable source Google, as the way in which a group lives but I’ve been trying to think a little beyond the realms of internet definitions.

Lifestyles are, more often than not, labelled by age, location or occupation. The typical British lifestyle – as opposed to Spanish – stereotypically involves longer hours and, unfortunately, not a siesta in sight.

Whereas the lifestyle of a student is often ridiculed as typically involving caffeine fuelled pyjama days in front of Jeremy Kyle, in between vodka fuelled nights out at sticky-floored, dark, dingy and questionable venues.

As far as that might be half true for a small percentage of the student population all you have to do is take a closer look up and down Oxford Road, to see that the lifestyles of our students clearly involve a lot more than Loose Women and Bargain Hunt.

From the societies and groups you’re a part of, the campaigns you’re involved with, your studies, events, nights out and what you generally spend your lives doing; we want to hear about it all. From the exciting and unusual to the interesting and the everyday,  get involved and write for Lifestyle by e mailing [email protected] and coming along to one of our weekly section meetings.

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